603 Brew Crew

General manager, Strategic planner, Sales manager, Communication specialist, White board writer, Inventory keeper, Phone answerer, Long range planning coordinator, Director of Keeping-it-real, Team coach, Process improver, Decision maker, and Leader of the team.
Beer Designer, Brewery operations manager, Schedule builder, Safety nitpicker, Test batch pilot, Manager of the floor, Mr. get it done, Keg washer specialist, Systems Integration Manager, Maintenance director, Hop hunter, Operations standardizer, Official Beer tester, Floor Cleaner, Research and Developer, and Tour Leader.
Marketing, Brand Manager, Design Planner, Merchandiser, Keeper of the Calendar, Label Maker, Front End Director, Social Media Chatter, Book Keeper, Photographer, Statistics Analyzer, Events Coordinator, Shelf stocker, Wrangler of Geoff and Dan, Penny Bar Keeper, and Cash Register Master.
Sales team member, Cellar Man, Growler filler, Cold room King, Can line operator, Brewery tour guide, and one lucky guy (started working at the brewery on his 21st birthday).
Event guru, Promo planner, Beerfest booker, Front end team leader and Service specialist.
Brewer, Go-getter, non-stop pace setter, can run every piece of equipment in the brewery, tweeter, and distributor of good vibes.
Brewer, Grain handler, Hops lover, Mad scientist, Beer knowledge guru, Quality controller, Grain coordinator, Operations multi-tasker, and One friendly dude.
603 Brew Crew member Growler Filler, Greeter, Spicy Popcorn maker, Happy Chatter, Flight filler, and an awesome person!
Dan T.
603 Brew crew member, Craft beer enthusiast, 603 Brand ambassador, and Best hair at the brewery.
603 Brewery beer ambassador , Sales specialist, Hockey Legend!
603 Brewery technical specialist, Handyman, Welding extraordinaire, World traveler, Pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago, and our Health and wellness coach!
603 Brew Crew member, growler filling enthusiast, and dental hygienist to us all.
Southern NH brand ambassador, Craft beer enthusiast, Home-brewer and Proud dad.
Brewery security, Night shift, Protector of the grain, Fuzzy friend, Employee of the month, every month.
: Front End Team Member, Resident Skier, brand ambassador, beer supervisor, expert keg handler and the Mr. Positive here at 603 Brewery! Online store Item pics coming soon.
Front End Team Member, customer service enthusiast, traveler of the world, dog lover and craft beer lover!
Brew Crew Team Member and Trainer, cross fit enthusiast, seasoned crossword puzzle solver, Porter fan beyond all else, customer service expert whose puns are Lager than life!
Front End Team Member, enthusiastic craft beer lover, 15 instrument musician, energetic go getter and Beer People person.
Beer slinger, can ringer, brew bringer, you can find Ben working in every aspect of the brewery and he'll drink anything you dare him too... but don't take advantage of that!
Cellerman extraordinaire, transporter of beer, king of the straight stack pack out, cleaner of kegs, hard worker, happy dude.