603 Brew Crew

General manager, Strategic planner, Sales manager, Communication specialist, White board writer, Inventory keeper, Phone answerer, Long range planning coordinator, Director of Keeping-it-real, Team coach, Process improver, Decision maker, and Leader of the team.
Beer Designer, Brewery operations director, Schedule builder, Safety nitpicker, Test batch pilot, Manager of the floor, Mr. get it done, Keg washer specialist, Systems Integration Manager, Maintenance director, Hop hunter, Operations standardizer, Official Beer tester, Floor Cleaner, Research and Developer, and Tour Leader.
Marketing Queen, Brand Manager, Design Planner, Merchandiser, Keeper of the Calendar, Label Maker, Social Media Chatter, Photographer, Statistics Analyzer, Shelf Stocker, Wrangler of Geoff and Dan, Penny Bar Keeper, and Cash Register Master.
Events Coordinator & Tasting Room Manager
Event Guru, Promo Planner, Beerfest Booker, Brand Ambassador Team Leader and Customer Service Specialist. Seriously, what doesn't she do around here?!
Regional Sales Manager
Some say he has the voice of an angel and still headlines the Catalina Wine Mixer every year, and that he spends his nights foraging in the woods for wild hops. All we know is that he is hard not to like so look for him out at your favorite bars and restaurants. If you give him a hug he'll buy you a beer. (limit one hug per person)
Brand Ambassador
Knows every human being to ever be born in Concord or who has ever played hockey in the state of New Hampshire. Our original 603 Brewery beer ambassador, Sales specialist, Hockey Legend, and a great guy to have a beer with.
Brewery security, Night shift, Protector of the grain, Fuzzy friend, Employee of the month ...every month.
Brand Ambassador
Southern NH brand ambassador, Craft beer enthusiast, Home-brewer and Proud dad.
Tasting Room Brew Crew
Front End Team Member, customer service enthusiast, traveler of the world, dog lover and craft beer lover!
Some say he naturally faces magnetic north, and that all of his legs are hydraulic... All we know is he makes delicious beers.
Some say that he can breath underwater and that he invented chicken soup. All we know is that he always has a smile on and he used to go by the name "Bendy Fork". Oh ya, he is a great brewer as well!

After retiring from a successful career in competitive full contact ice dancing Evan now occupies his free time collecting ornate socks and first edition leather bound books that have an odd number of pages.  He is a man of such refined tastes that he exclusively wears Italian leather pants to the beach.

Tasting Room Brew Crew
Chief Sarcasm Officer. She was America's gold medal hopeful in the Winter Olympic's Alpine Ski Ballet event, but the event was cut at the last minute due to the fact nobody cared about it. She now spends her time teaching cats how to synchronize swim.
Executive Chef

The Baron of bacon, the Sultan of steak, the King of cubans, the Captain of coleslaw, the Boss of burgers, the Champion of chorizo, the Admiral of avocados,  the Chief of chocolate, the Principle of pizza, and the General to Tso's chicken, this guy knows how to cook.

Tasting Room Brew Crew
Super friendly greeter and long time front end team member. It is a little know fact she is the 3rd string long snapper for the New England Patriots. A word of caution, don't stare directly into her smile, it is dangerously contagious and can cause a spontaneous good mood.
Tasting Room Brew Crew

Sadie is an amateur power lifter and contortionist. It's rumored she sleeps upside down like a bat, and patrols the streets at night giving people high fives.

social media guru

Lexie is an Istafacetube master that has the largest collection of Ugg's on the east coast, but she refuses to wear them. She just soaks them in Pumpkin spice latte's and lights them on fire.    

Brew Crew

Seth is a competitive amateur yodeler and spends a good deal of his work day practicing his yodeling skills. We though it was funny at first but several species of woodland animals have begun living in back of the brewery. We are not sure what to do about it.

brew crew

East Coast Air Guitar Champion 

1998 - 2004

Tasting Room Brew Crew

Geoff retired from a lucrative cage fighting career to pursue his passion, being a designer for J.C. Penny's Bill Cosby sweater line. Due to circumstances beyond his control that didn't pan out and now Jeff slings beers for 603 while spending his leisure time working on his thesis explaining why he believes all pigeons are left handed.