Year-Round Brews

  • 18 Mile Rye Pale Ale

    • ABV: 6.6%
    • IBU: 37.5
    • OG: 1.060
    • FG: 1.011
    • Color: 5.4
    • Grains: American Base Malt, German Rye, Crystal
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Mix of American and English hops

    We wanted to make rye based beer that highlighted the classic rye malt characteristics; a unique earthy/spice quality with hints of bread and honey. We decided to use a combination of English and American hops that both balance and work in tandem with the distinctive rye notes in this beer. This rye malt based pale […]

  • Granite Stout

    • ABV: 8.0%
    • IBU: 34
    • OG: 1.080
    • FG: 1.019
    • Color: 40
    • Grains: American Base Malt, Chocolate and Crystal Malts, Black Malt, Lactose
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: English noble

    Granite Stout is truly the people’s choice. In January of 2014, the brewery conducted the “Stout Challenge”, where for a month all visitors into the brewery sampled a selection of small batch stouts brewed in house.  The winning recipes continued on and faced each other in the final round. After hundreds of votes were tallied […]

  • NH Ale

    • ABV: 5.0%
    • IBU: 18
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.008
    • Color: 3.3
    • Grains: American Base Malt, Canadian and German Specialty Malts
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Mix of American and English Hops

    Drinks like a lager, brewed like an ale. Designed for the beer drinker that wants a light and classic “American Style” body and flavor but wants to drink local and fresh NH Ale is a crusher. It can be found on draft, and in 6 and 12 packs cans.

  • White Peaks IPA

    • ABV: 6.6%
    • IBU: 52
    • OG: 1.058
    • FG: 1.008
    • Color: 4.5
    • Grains: American Base Malt, Crystal, Carapils
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Cascade forward with 7 American hop blend, dry hopped

    White Peaks IPA is a tribute to the White Mountains of New Hampshire which has 48 peaks above 4000′ elevation. White Peaks is light bodied and crisp featuring predominantly American “C hops”. Using mostly late boil addition hops and dry hopped with Cascade, this IPA is dominated by citrus and floral notes with a hint […]

  • Winni Ale

    • ABV: 6.6%
    • IBU: 39
    • OG: 1.060
    • FG: 1.010
    • Color: 16.4
    • Grains: American Base Malt, European Crystal Malts
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Blend of 5 American hops

    Winni Ale, named after Lake  Winnipesaukee which is the largest of New Hampshire’s 944 lakes, boasting 288 miles of shoreline, was our very first brew to go to market. Some told us we were crazy to release an amber as our first beer but we tend to disagree; Winni stands today as our number one […]

  • Wood Devil Double IPA

    • ABV: 9.2%
    • IBU: 70
    • OG: 1.080
    • FG: 1.010
    • Color: 5.8
    • Grains: American and Euro base, crystal 
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Heavy citrus and floral hop additions late in the boil and dry hop 

    The tale of the Wood Devil has been traveling with New Hampshire hikers for many years. Much like Bigfoot, New Hampshire Wood Devils are legendary, but are rumored to have sharp teeth and a thin stature which helps them hide among the trees in New Hampshire’s north country. Wood Devil Double IPA boasts a huge […]