Limited Release Brews

  • 9th State Red IPA

    • ABV: 9.0%
    • IBU: 93
    • OG: 1.079
    • FG: 1.012
    • Color: 15.5
    • Grains: American base, euro malts, deep crystal
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Heavy west coast hops in boil and post boil

    On June 21 of 1788, New Hampshire was the ninth state to join the union by signing the United States Constitution. 9th State is our Red IPA with a huge malt backbone which is balanced out with a juicy hop bitterness. A careful selection of crystal malts gives 9th State it’s deep red color with […]

  • Black Ice

    • ABV: 5.0%
    • IBU: 20
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.008
    • Color: 3.8
    • Grains: pale, light crystal
    • Yeast: American Ale
    • Hops: American / English classic blend

    This American Ale is brewed once a year in honor of Concord New Hampshire’s Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament.  It is a light refreshing beer that’s perfect after working up a sweat and received a Silver Medal in the 2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards. Learn more about the Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament at

  • Cogway IPA

    • ABV: 6.5%
    • IBU: 72
    • OG: 1.061
    • FG: 1.012
    • Color: 10.2
    • Grains: American and German Base Malts, Beglian Crystal
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: A worldy blend of hops from American, Europe, and New Zeland

    The world’s first mountain cog railway reached the summit of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington in 1869 (highest point in the northeast United States). The rack and pinion design allows the train to climb steep grades. Cogway IPA is our American IPA which highlights hoppy bitterness balanced by a subtle malt sweetness. Cogway boasts a citrusy […]

  • Double Black

    • ABV: 8.5%
    • IBU: 106
    • OG: 1.074
    • FG: 1.010
    • Color: 30
    • Grains: American and German Base Malt, Crystal, Dehusked Black Malt
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: All west coast american hops

    Embrace the contradiction, this beer is designed to surprise you. It’s deep black color makes your mind think heavy roasted flavors but Double Black is anything but that.  It is actually light bodied and refreshing with minimal roast notes to it. This beer explodes with floral and citrus hops from heavy doses of dry hopping […]

  • Moose Alley Brown

    • ABV: 6.0%
    • IBU: 30
    • OG: 1.059
    • FG: 1.010
    • Color: 4.5
    • Grains: American Base Malt, Crystal, Chocolate, Munich
    • Yeast: House
    • Hops: Classic American hops

    Smooth roasted malts rounded of with a n herbal hop finish make this classic american brown ale a favorite in our tasting.

  • Mosaic Saison

    • ABV: 5.0%
    • IBU: 19
    • OG: 1.044
    • FG: 1.006
    • Color: 3.9
    • Grains: American Base Malt with minor crystal additions
    • Yeast: French Saison Ale Yeast
    • Hops: Mosaic

    This farm-house style beer is light in body and in color, and in big floral aromas and flavors.  Featuring Mosaic hops which are named for their artistic rainbow of aromas and flavors including blueberry, tangerine, papaya, and rose blossoms.